SureTrack FARM

  • Capture precision grain analysis data within seconds with FieldLab by AGI SureTrack. With accuracy on par with the best benchmark spectrometers, but at a fraction of the cost, the FieldLab analyzes your soybeans, wheat or corn quickly and reliably.   

    See for yourself: FieldLab and FOSS test the same soybeans. 

    Or click here to view a FieldLab and FOSS wheat comparison.

    The SCiO sensor, powered by near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy, reads your grain based on material composition. Simply fill the cup with grain and press scan on the mobile app. The data is transferred from your mobile phone to your SureTrack platform where you can assign the quality-assessed grain to a specific bin. When the time is right, market your stored grain to the right buyer willing to pay premiums for quality and content.

    It’s simple. It’s fast. It’s worth it. Sort your grain by characteristic as it comes in from the field by quickly testing each load prior to storage assignment. Take your high oil or high protein to market and earn premiums based on ingredient integrity.

    See For Yourself: Premium markets on soybeans within SureTrack. 


    Perform thousands of scans from one small, rechargeable battery. Count hundreds in profit from one quick characteristic reading.  



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    FieldLab Hand Held Grain Analyzer
  • Complete Crop Management Solution for Increased Profits

    From trade policy and weather to consumer demand, farmers today encounter more challenges than ever before, facing outcomes that they believe they can’t control. As the only complete crop production  management solution, AGI SureTrack® puts the farmer back in the driver’s seat, allowing them to make the decisions that define successes.

    Grow. Certify. Profit. Repeat.

    SureTrack solves production and marketing challenges in every season on the farm. Let your farm tell its profitability story.

    • One location and one login provides access to all of your data. 
    • Access anytime, anywhere with an internet connected device.
    • Data security—You always control your data and the decisions about how to use it.
    • Full warranty for the length of your subscription through the Subscription Program.
    • 24/7 customer support from dedicated AGI SureTrack sales and coaches.


    AGI SureTrack FARM
  • Managing over 500 million bushels annually, BinManager® is the industry’s leading grain bin  management solution, and the only option on the market to offer a fully automated preservation and conditioning solution.

    As a part of SureTrack FARM®, BinManager’s integrated hardware and software provides a seamless grain storage management experience. The 3D visuals on the AGI SureTrack® online dashboard, combined with industry-leading customer support, put grain storage and conditioning decisions at your fingertips.


    • Free Grain Testing - Learn the exact settings needed to preserve and condition grain to your  specifications by pulling and submitting a composite grain sample from the bin or bins that BinManager is equipped to control.
    • Algorithms - Once the results of your grain test are back, a unique algorithm is generated for your BinManager to define conditioning and preservation parameters based on your needs. Once established, the BinManager is calibrated to automate fans, moisture drydown, rehydration and cooling.
    • Monitor and Maintain - Temperature and moisture readings are taken by the cables to continually monitor and maintain grain condition — viewable from anywhere at anytime.
    • CO2 Detection - Monitor elevated CO2 levels for early detection of insect and fungi infestation

    BinManager gives you the opportunity to improve every aspect of grain storage management, and provides a zero-entry solution to grain management — keeping both you and your investment safe and secure.


    Create Profit
    BinManager is the only proven grain management solution on the market to achieve and maintain target moisture levels while maintaining protein, starch and oil content. This allows you to not only grow for a specific market premium but store for a specific market premium.

    Drive Efficiency
    A fully automated system means that fans and heaters only run when needed. And full automation paired with specific calibration maintains optimal CFM within your bin at all times when paired with the correct fan.

    Stay Connected
    We value relationships. That’s why every customer is assigned a customer service representative — a single source for all your needs. Our team of customer service representatives monitor customer accounts daily to ensure no alert is ever missed — protecting your livelihood. Welcome to the family.

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    AGI SureTrack BinManager
  • Designed to Deliver Simplicity

    Easy on-site access without an internet connection. While at your bin site, get live temperature and moisture readings using the BinCheck® Bluetooth® app on your smartphone. The data is shown in easy-to-read tables, helping you decide when to run the fans and heaters to keep your grain in condition. Read up to eight cables per bin and sync multiple bins with BinCheck on the app.

    Bluetooth Connection
    Using Bluetooth and a smart device, easily connect to BinCheck’s digital platform to assess multiple on-site bins for a real-time view of how your grain is performing.

    Easy Installation
    From cables to connection, the BinCheck is quick and simple to install. An AGI SureTrack® certified installer will install your cables, internally or externally, based on manufacturer guidelines. All BinCheck hardware is locally mounted to communicate the readings from the bin. Once hardware is in place, simply download the BinCheck application to your Bluetooth enabled phone or tablet to easily access your bin management data.

    Zero-Entry Grain Bin Monitoring
    Never compromise safety with BinCheck’s zero-entry management. BinCheck keeps your grain in condition while keeping you out of your bin by managing the moisture and temperature changes that create bridges, grain walls and spoilage.

    Multi-Function Sensors
    Most cables on the market only provide temperature readings—telling only a fraction of the story. Under the correct moisture levels, higher stored-grain temperatures don’t present a problem. However, high stored-grain temperatures combined with high moisture content spells disaster. BinCheck offers both moisture and temperature readings, on all 3G Cable sensors—providing you with the information needed to make the data-driven decisions that separate the black ink from the red ink and maximize your grain storage profitability.

    Multi-Bin Reporting
    The network allows multiple bins in an operation to communicate to the BinCheck app at one time.

    24/7 Support
    AGI SureTrack customer service coaches are trained and ready to help you understand and operate your SureTrack equipment. Experience less downtime when you know you can count on a responsive support team.

    SureTrack hardware is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal application, installation, use and service conditions for a period of two years, to keep your facility running smoothly.



    AGI SureTrack BinCheck
  • fieldprobe_cover.jpg

    FieldProbe™ is the AGI SureTrack® cellular solution to precise below ground soil conditions monitoring and reporting for moisture and temperature.

    Equipped with advanced cellular communications, highly accurate GPS (Geographical Positioning System) tracking, and long-life batteries, FieldProbe can help determine optimal planting time and when and where to focus irrigation efforts. When used in tandem with the AGI SureTrack FieldDataManager, FieldProbe data helps model GDUs (Growing Degree Units) to project maturity and planning for harvest helping you achieve greater profit.



    • Accessible - Soil conditions are easily accessible to view through your secure online AGI SureTrack  software account from a web-enabled smart device or computer allowing you to keep current on what is happening below ground in your fields.
    • Data Intelligence – Hourly temperature and moisture readings are taken from 6 state-of-the-art sensors on the 28-inch soil probe to continually monitor crop conditions – viewable from anywhere at anytime.
    • Adaptable - Measurements of field conditions are configurable to 7 different soil types.
    • Simple - Installation is fast and easy. Using a 2lb hammer, set the soil probe and control unit mounting pole in your field, connect the quick connect communication cable, then activate the FieldProbe with a push of a button. 

    Planting too early and irrigating too little or too much can have drastic consequences for your harvest. Have the knowledge of moisture conditions and soil temperature at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection.

    Looking for Documentation and Installation help? Click here. 

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SureTrack PRO

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  • AGI SureTrack CMC - HazMon
  • The need for transparency and traceability from seed to dinner plate has never been greater. You know it. We provide it.

    AGI SureTrack PRO puts sourcing, logistics and monitoring at your fingertips for every phase of production, storage and processing. The hardware and software suite offers one secure location for the data storage, record keeping and traceability of your ingredient value-chain.

    No matter where the focus of your business lies, SureTrack PRO offers the efficiency and traceability solutions to meet your grain commodity management needs.

    • Access anytime, anywhere with an internet connected device for all of your facilities
    • Designate a homepage to open your account to the feature you monitor most frequently
    • Customize your experience with favorites, grouping and adjustable tables and charts
    • Data security— your company’s data is secure and only accessible by your authorized representatives.
    • 24/7 customer support means that help is always just a phone call or chat box away
    AGI SureTrack PRO Brochure


  • Farmobile is now a part of AGI family of brands.

    Farmobile fuels AGI SureTrack’s platform with real-time agronomic + machine data to create a system of record for all activities (as-applied, planting, harvest, tillage + tender trucks) to tell a crop story … from field to bin.

    Farmobile excels in real-time data collection. Using cellular and cloud technologies, Farmobile captures raw sensor information directly from the cab and transforms it into standardized, visual data to serve as a system-of-record to prove your crop, as-applied or business story.

    Farmobile Overview
  • Farmobile excels in real-time agronomic + machine data. Using cellular and cloud technologies, Farmobile captures raw sensor second-by-second information directly from the cab and transforms it into standardized, visual data to serve as a system-of-record to prove your crop story.

    The Farmobile PUC Device Delivers:

    • LIVE agronomic + machine data
    • Iron-neutral equipment
    • Historic field performance playback
    • Worked Acres +Machine Utilization Reports
    • Standardized, exportable datasets (.csv, .shp,
    • GeoJSON, .pdf)
    • Data ownership / control
    • Permission-only sharing
    • Automatic streaming into AGI SureTrack
    • File Transfer
    Farmobile PUC Device
  • Data plays a crucial role in enabling growers to differentiate their crop in the marketplace. AGI SureTrack  powered by Farmobile real-time agronomic and machine data — enables growers to tell their crop story from field to bin and beyond. With a market- leading suite of IoT hardware, AGI has created the digital infrastructure that sets the standard for effortless collection and organization of data to create a verifiable system of record from the time the seed goes into the ground, is conditioned in the bin and marketed. This unlocks significant value for the ag / food supply chain.


    Farmobile EFR