My Fields

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    In the AGI SureTrack platform, under FIELDS/MY FIELDS you'll find agronomic and machine data specific to your field boundaries.

    Never leave profit opportunity on the table when you analyze inputs on a field by field basis.


    • View, monitor and quickly respond to field conditions based on weather events, soil probe reporting and crop plan goals.
    • Get real-time updates, by field, on equipment in use
      Import existing field shape files or connect to major providers (Farmobile®, FieldView™, John Deere®) for quick access
    • Easily create new fields utilizing the in-platform mapping tool
    • Review and correlate past inputs, crop plans and weather events to current crop performance


    Agronomic Data that Pays

Field Devices

  • Monitor Real-Time Weather and Soil Conditions of Your Fields

    Real-time data of field and weather conditions at your fingertips. That's the reality and power of the FieldDataManager (FDM). This new product is designed with advanced traits and technologies to take the guesswork out of in-field crop management. It measures rainfall, growing degree units (GDU) and more. This powerful crop maturity prediction solution is a field-tested method to help farm operations determine best planting times, optimal harvesting times and guidance on when to run irrigation pivots.

    Having the ability to make these informed decisions sets your operation up for greater yields.

    The FDM hardware includes: solar radiation, UV sensors, rain gauge, anemometer, temperature and RH sensors.


    • Monitors and measures rainfall in your precise area within 1/100th of an inch so you have the ability to make quick irrigation decisions
    • Determines growing degree units (GDU's) by measuring outside temperature, solar radiation and UV rays. This allows more accurate calculations for plant maturity and harvest timing
    • Provides wind speed, direction, gusts, barometric pressure and real-time weather data which enables quick planting decisions
    • Measures soil temperature and moisture and provides insight on which root depths are extracting moisture from soil to inform planting and irrigation optimizations
    • Allows multiple probes to communicate back to one single FDM, so all the information you need is in one place
    • Delivers real-time weather and soil probe data to any web-enabled device, giving you immediate access to field condition information
    • Easily integrates data from spraying reports and pivot management, giving you the option to customize to meet your needs


    •    Allows you to effectively track growing conditions
    •    Measures above the ground and below for comprehensive understanding of conditions
    •    Helps you make critical input choices such as: Right Time, Right Intensity and Right Costs
    FieldDataManager: Your Eyes in the Field


  • PUC 

    Data collected across your machine fleet that is easily accessible and meaningful helps you confidently make the day-to-day decisions that impact your bottom-line. And it's powered by Farmobile's PUC™ device.


    • Farmobile’s PUC data collection, storage and transmission, easily accessible from your dashboard
    • Data collection that is indiscriminate of most brands, makes and models and easy to move from machine to machine
    • Easy plug-and-farm installation, ready to begin transmitting data right out of the box
    • Monitor location and performance of deployed field equipment
    • Plan according to your customized heat maps
    Machine Data Optimizes Savings

Seed Selection

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    Reduce inputs: time, nutrients, chemicals, and costs when you select seed
    varieties that are proven to perform in your area, under your location’s growing
    conditions and challenges.


    • Search millions of seed trials based on your yield or purpose goals.
    • Filter your search by: Crop, Trial Year, Maturity, Brand, Soil Texture, Traits/Resistances, Irrigation, Location and Trial Quantity to find varieties to fit your production needs and goals.
    • Select individual varieties to view more details, including specific trial information.
    • Tag and save favorite varieties to your customized crop planning tool for quick reference

    Easy to Use
    Streamline the process of selecting seed varieties that match your goals and needs.

    Customize Results
    Tailor your results based on needs, location and operation goals.

    Compare Yield Totals
    Easily review and compare yield totals produced for each seed variety.

    View Location Based Results
    View what seed trials work in your climate and location, based on
    geographic radius search results.


    Choose the Right Seed for Profit


  • inputs 

    Plant, grow, harvest, store and offer for sale a product that is fully traceable, from seed bag through storage. Even better, a complete record of your operation’s true break even cost that is available at your fingertips, giving you the information you need to sell, store or contract your grain.


    • Note and save commonly used resources to use in your event plan
    • Select manufacturer information from a pre-built library
    • Easily apply the input data to activities (spraying, spreading, planting…) throughout your season.

    Easy Application Recording
    Record input quantities and details to produce a thorough account of applied product information.

    Single Source Input Records
    Save time and energy knowing your input data is complete and stored in one location.

    Input Management

Crop Plans

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    Protect your farm and your bottom-line with up-to-date, accurate and detailed crop plans.


    • Create crop plans that include variety, event plans, tillable acres, planted/harvested acres and a running total of achieved growing degree units
    • Forecast planting and harvesting dates to quickly ensure the variety selected will reach maturity
    • Quickly review crop plans and associated details

    Simple to Use
    Easily build, track and manage crop plans for current and future use and maximum return.

    Historical Evaluation
    Use past crop plan results to
    confidently make management
    decisions, all from one location on the SureTrack dashboard.

    GDU Based Crop Support
    Use varietal GDU requirements and accumulation to gauge and support crop performance at any time in the growing season.

    Create Traceablility
    Earn premiums by providing a fully traceable ingredient, from seed bag to processor storage.

    Crop Planning